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Experience the River Country Nature Center

The River Country Nature Center invites you to experience Nebraska's diverse natural areas and wildlife.  See first hand some of the birds and animals that inhabit these areas.  This collection of wildlife is unique and represents the life-long work of Joe Voges.

Four major areas are reproduced in this center:

  • Eastern deciduous
  • Riparian
  • Grasslands
  • Sandhills

Visit this nature center and help us fill the growing void in people's understanding of nature and humans' place in it.

2010 Art Contest
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The nature museum, besides containing numerous interpretive exhibits, also offers an assembly area for meetings about nature, a library containing relevant materials, a gift shop and a children's story telling area.

Hours of Operation:

Winter: Appointment Only

Adults: $3.00
Children-12 & Under: $1.00
Group Visits:
Call 402-873-3411

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